Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It has nearly 493 million native speakers and has already surpassed 591 million people who study it.

If you’re interested in learning or improving your Spanish skills, there’s no better place to do it than in Spain, the country where this language originates. Studying Spanish in Spain offers numerous advantages that go beyond simply acquiring linguistic knowledge. Are you staying to discover them?

Total Immersion

One of the biggest advantages of studying Spanish in Spain is the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the language. You’ll be surrounded by native speakers and have the chance to practice Spanish in everyday situations, such as in shops, restaurants, and with locals. This linguistic immersion will accelerate your learning and help you gain fluency and confidence in the language more quickly and effectively.

At Hablamos, we have native teachers with extensive professional experience who will accompany you during the learning process and assist you in your day-to-day life to make your language stay in Spain as beneficial as possible.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Spain is a diverse and multicultural country, and each region has its own accent, colloquial expressions, and ways of expressing themselves in Spanish. Studying Spanish in Spain gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the richness of the Spanish language and experience different ways of speaking. And Madrid is the meeting point for all accents!

By living in a cosmopolitan and welcoming city like Madrid, you’ll not only become familiar with the accent and personality of the locals, but also with those of people from other parts of Spain, Latin America, and abroad who are already part of Madrid’s culture.

Speaking of Culture

Spain is a country with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. When studying Spanish in Spain, you’ll have direct access to a wide variety of cultural resources. You can visit museums, art galleries, theaters, and historical monuments that will help you better understand the history and culture of the country. Additionally, you can participate in festivals, events, and cultural activities that will enrich your experience and immerse you in everyday Spanish life.

And if museums aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Getting to know the everyday life of Spaniards and their gastronomy is also part of our culture.

At Hablamos, we organize two cultural activities every week, one online and one in-person, where we’ll accompany you to discover the most interesting corners of Madrid and the most fun curiosities of Spain. In the cultural activities we offer, you’ll have the chance to meet other students from the school, from different nationalities and levels, but with the same interest in the language as you.

Travel and Discover

And if Madrid isn’t enough for you, keep in mind that the capital of Spain is strategically located within Spain and Europe. From Madrid, you can travel and explore other nearby cities using the high-speed train network. Or discover other European countries thanks to the offering of cheap flights from Spain’s largest international airport.

At Hablamos, we understand the importance of traveling. Ask your teacher! They’ll be delighted to recommend places and assist you in planning your next getaway.

Unique Life Experience

We still don’t know what motivates you to study Spanish: perhaps you’re interested in the benefits of Spanish for use in the workplace, maybe you’re into soccer, flamenco, cinema, history, or culture, or you might decide to study Spanish for pleasure or for traveling. What we’re sure of is that studying Spanish in Spain isn’t just about learning Spanish, but also about having a unique life experience.

During your stay in Spain, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the Spanish way of life, enjoy delicious cuisine, discover the vibrant nightlife, and explore beautiful cities and landscapes. This enriching experience will allow you to not only grow academically, but also personally.

If you’re interested in studying Spanish in Spain, at Hablamos, we can only encourage you. You’ll get total immersion in the language, getting to know accents, colloquial expressions from Madrid and other parts of the world. You’ll be able to firsthand experience the culture, history, and daily life of one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan capitals. You’ll have teachers committed to your learning and free cultural activities to put all your knowledge into practice outside the classroom.

So, if the idea of studying Spanish in Spain is on your radar, there’s no better place to embark on this journey than in Madrid with Hablamos! Reach out to us and explore all the options available! We assist you in English, French, and Japanese.