Hablamos your Spanish language school in Madrid, with over 35 years of experience

This is Hablamos

Hablamos is the Spanish language school for foreigners from the Cambridge House group, a company dedicated to language teaching with more than 35 years of experience and located in Madrid, Spain. Hablamos shares the same principles and objectives that have led Cambridge House to business success: to offer the best Spanish courses, to do so in very small groups and to offer the best quality teaching so that Hablamos students really learn Spanish.

How do we achieve this?

8 students per class

Classes in very small groups

With a maximum of 8 students per group in face-to-face classes. 8 students in online classes. If you compare us with other Spanish schools, you will see that not all of them offer this number of students in a class. For us, the key to a good and fast learning process is to keep the group size very small. This means that you have more time to practise your Spanish in the classroom, that your teacher corrects your speaking mistakes and that your Spanish improves every day.

Spanish teachers

Native teachers with extensive experience

At Hablamos we only employ experienced, native Spanish teachers. We are part of a group of people who love teaching, who enjoy what we do and it shows in our classes. Our goal is you, that you learn quickly and well, and that you enjoy our Spanish culture and the experience of being in Spain.

Living the experience

More than just a Spanish language school

Spain is a great country and is full of cultural diversity. At Hablamos we don’t just want you to learn Spanish; we also want you to immerse yourself in our culture, our museums, our rich gastronomy and interesting towns and cities. For this reason, we have a wide range of cultural activities to complement your Spanish course.

This is  Hablamos 

This is  Hablamos 

C'est  Hablamos