Hablamos is to speak in Spanish and practice what you learn all the time

Methodology and Team

Our methodology is simply saying our name. Hablamos is speaking Spanish and practising what you learn all the time, because everything we do has a practical and communicative focus, even if we teach grammar, reading or audio exercises. And this goes for our face-to-face classes as well as our online classes.

Our Hablamos method is based on these principles:


What is learned is practised

From the moment you enter any of our classes our aim is that you don’t stop speaking and using what we teach you. Our approach is purely communicative. We put emphasis on improving your pronunciation and correcting your basic mistakes so that you make real progress.

With sense

What is learned is understood

We want you to use your Spanish all the time, but not in a mechanical or robotic way, but in a meaningful way, giving meaning to the sentences you form, to the words you use.

In context

What is learned is used according to context

There is an informal Spanish, a formal Spanish, a more literary Spanish, a more commercial Spanish. It is essential that from the beginning your Spanish has a register, that is, that you can modulate it according to the context in which you have to use it. That is why in our classes we teach you to contextualise what you learn so that your Spanish is not only the most effective, but also so that you know which Spanish to use in the best context.

The teachers at Hablamos: An Excellent Team

The teaching staff is the most important element in the functioning of an educational centre. For this reason, at Hablamos we take the utmost care to create good working conditions for our teachers, as well as providing them with all the pedagogical means necessary for the best performance of their work. They are all native speakers, have a university degree, and are experienced teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. They are contracted with teaching and non-teaching hours for the preparation of classes. They regularly attend meetings with the heads of studies, and the whole team is motivated to offer the best Spanish courses.

This is  Hablamos 

This is  Hablamos 

C'est  Hablamos