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NIE application for students who are European students

If you are going to study in Spain for more than 90 days, and even if you are a European citizen, it is necessary to obtain a NIE or foreigner’s identity number, and here are the basic requirements.

The NIE is going to be our “identity number”, for the Spanish government, and it is the number we are going to use in Spain if we work, if we rent a house, register with the Tax Office, Social Security, etc. The NIE is a number that the Spanish government gives you to identify you, but it is not a physical card or a physical document. It is a simple number that identifies you with the Spanish administration but is necessary for many procedures.

EU citizens can, by law, live in any other EU country, but after 90 days of stay as a tourist, it is necessary to obtain the NIE.

The processing of the NIE

You can apply for different types of NIE depending on what you are going to do in Spain during the period you have chosen. If you are going to study Spanish abroad for a period of more than 90 days, this is the procedure.

If you are a national of a member state of the European Union or of Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, you have the right to free movement and residence in Spain. Students from these countries do not have to complete any formalities prior to their arrival.

However, if your stay is longer than three months, you must apply for registration in the Central Register of Foreigners, where you will obtain a CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION AS A CITIZEN OF THE UNION and a Foreigner’s Identification Number (NIE).

The first thing you have to do is to request an appointment at the Police (Departamento de extranjería) located at Avenida Padre Piquer nº 18, Madrid 28024 in Metro Campamento or Metro Empalme. The appointment must be made online at this link:

When you see which province to choose, you must choose Madrid, and then when you see which centre to choose for your appointment, you must choose the centre or CNP Padre Piquer 18. Once you have chosen this centre, you will see that as a procedure you will see the POLICIA-CERTIFICADO DE REGISTRO DE CIUDADANO DE LA UNIÓN. There you click on accept, and you will have to enter your details to request your appointment on a specific day and at a specific time. Before going to your appointment you must bring at least this documentation:

– Model application form (Ex-18) (original and photocopy)

– Valid passport or identity card (original and copy)
– Enrolment form of the study centre (original and copy). This document will be provided by Hablamos once you have enrolled
– 4 passport-size photographs
– European Health Insurance Card or private insurance policy covering all risks in Spain during the whole period of studies (original and copy). If the policy has been taken out in the country of origin, a translation must also be provided
– Have financial means, supporting documents or proof of such resources

In addition to the documentation seen above, you must pay a fee or tax before going to your appointment:

Community Resident Registration Certificate or Residence Card of a family member of a European Union citizen cost: 12 euros (these prices are subject to change)

On this form: https://sede.policia.gob.es/Tasa790_012/

This fee is downloaded and paid at a bank and with this document of having paid it and the rest of the documentation that you have to bring, you can go to your appointment to apply for your NIE.

With this documentation, you must make an appointment at the Immigration Offices in Madrid or the province where you are going to stay or take up residence or, failing that, at the corresponding Police Stations. You must do so in person within three months from the date of entry into Spain.

As you can see, dear student of Hablamos, this whole process is a bit laborious, but don’t worry: if you enrol at Hablamos, we will personally help you with this process, making an appointment with you and then helping you to prepare all these documents and telling you where and how you can pay your 790 form fee. We wanted to inform you about the procedure involved in obtaining the NIE for students so that you can see what things are needed, but at Hablamos we will help you with this whole process as a student at our school.

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This is  Hablamos 

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