If you're a non-European Union citizen considering studying Spanish in Spain, it's crucial to select a school that offers a high-quality and internationally recognized experience. That's why the best choice is enrolling in a school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes

Hablamos, our Spanish school in Madrid, has achieved this accreditation through a meticulous evaluation process. Let us present the benefits of choosing us as your destination for studying Spanish in Spain.

Guarantee of Educational Quality

The Instituto Cervantes is globally recognized for its commitment to Spanish teaching and the promotion of Hispanic culture. By choosing a school accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, you can be assured of receiving a high-quality education. These schools must adhere to strict teaching standards, ensuring highly qualified teachers and excellent study materials.

In addition to meeting Instituto Cervantes guidelines, Hablamos is backed by being part of the Cambridge House group, dedicated to English language teaching for over 30 years.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Instituto Cervantes-accredited schools have teachers specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. These professionals understand the challenges faced by foreign students learning a new language immersively and can adapt their teaching methods to meet your specific needs.

At Hablamos, our native, certified teachers have extensive experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. They will accompany and assist you throughout your Spanish journey. Meet them on YouTube!

Variety of Courses

These schools often offer a wide range of courses designed to suit different levels and learning objectives. Whether you want to improve your everyday Spanish communication skills, prepare for official exams like the DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language), or develop professional competencies, you’ll find a suitable course.

At Hablamos you can choose between intensive and extensive courses in the morning and afternoon for all levels. If you need a student visa, we recommend enrolling in our intensive program. Write to us and request all the information you need.

Cultural Immersion

Learning a language goes beyond classrooms. Hablamos offers the opportunity to participate in free cultural activities both online and in-person. You can firstha.nd experience the culture and history of Madrid, explore its streets, discover its corners, and most importantly, enhance your language skills alongside your schoolmates.

International Recognition

The Instituto Cervantes accreditation is recognized worldwide. This means your study certificate will hold significant value in your home country and anywhere you decide to use your Spanish skills. Whether advancing in your career or continuing studies at a Spanish university, having accreditation endorsed by the Instituto Cervantes will open many doors.

Visa Support

As a non-European Union citizen, you’ll need a student visa if you intend to study in Spain for more than 90 days.

Many Spanish schools will assist with the visa application, but only those accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, like Hablamos, provide the necessary guarantees for your application to be accepted, making the transition to Spain smoother and hassle-free.

Choosing an Instituto Cervantes-accredited school, such as Hablamos, to study Spanish in Spain as a non-European Union citizen is a smart and strategic decision. You’ll receive a high-quality education, international recognition, and an enriching experience immersing yourself in Spanish culture while developing your language skills. This choice will open up a world of academic and professional opportunities.

Don’t hesitate! Request information, take your level test, and start studying Spanish with Hablamos.