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Social and Cultural Activities at Hablamos

Hablamos organises cultural and social activities every week for our students in our intensive courses of 20 hours per week. These activities are very enjoyable and fun, and also very interesting: our students learn Spanish culture by visiting museums, places of interest, parts of Spanish culture that are essential for getting to know Spain. At the same time, our students continue learning vocabulary related to these activities and put it into practice.

Every week, Hablamos also organises a free online event in its online cultural space, open to everyone, whether or not they are students of Hablamos. In these online events we will have talks in Spanish about cultural topics of interest, virtual visits to famous monuments and museums in Spain, etc. Each week there will be a different online event and it will be published on this website. They are free and it is not necessary to be enrolled in the school. The only requirement is to have at least an A2 level of Spanish. You can book a place in them simply by sending an email to clientes@escuela-hablamos.com

Our on-site cultural activity and our free online cultural event for this week are now available

Presential Activity

Activity for Hablamos students


Archaeological Museum of Madrid
This is the main Spanish museum dedicated to archaeology. Its collection is based on pieces originating in Spain, from Prehistory to the Modern Age. It also has different pieces from Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt.

Meeting point: National Archaeological Museum. Calle Serrano, 13. Metro Colón or Serrano. Entry fee: 3 euros.
Duration: 180 minutes

FREE Online Cultural Event

Available for EVERYONE !!! (minimum level A2)


The Teatro Español in Madrid: Yesterday and Today
We will talk about the Teatro Español in Madrid, whose history dates back to 1583 and whose activity continues to this day, making it the oldest theatre in the world in terms of continuous theatrical performances.

Do you want to join us?: Send us an email clientes@escuela-hablamos.com to book your place specifying the day and your name. We will send you the link to Zoom so you can connect
Duration: 45 minutes

This is  Hablamos 

This is  Hablamos 

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