Once you’ve decided to sit down and watch something, you then need to work out what exactly you fancy seeing!

There’s absolutely no shortage of great series and películas (films) in pretty much every language. When you’re studying Spanish, a fantastic way to mejorar el oído (train your ear) to the sounds of this fantastic language is to ver series y pelís (watch series and films) in their original version. Just like all the English students around the world do in that language, as a learner of Spanish you can benefit from the vast number of productions made in Spanish each year!

Nowadays, no hace falta (there’s no need) to go to the cinema to watch the latest estrenos (releases) as most of them are almost simultaneously released on the myriad of plataformas (platforms) we have such as HBO, Netflix and Disney+. The great thing about these is that there’s a Spanish language version which means you get everything doblado (dubbed) into Spanish if you fancy listening to international titles too! Also, all the shows and films have full subtítulos (subtitles) in multiple languages so you can listen in Spanish but read in another language to make sure you fully understand. It’s a great way to aprender (learn) new words and phrases in authentic contexts.

¿Qué quieres ver? – What do you want to watch?

Here’s some vocabulary to help you find your way through the menus on your favourite platform.

Español Inglés
Inicio Home/Start
Buscar To search
Acción Action
Aventuras Adventure
Ciencia ficción Science fiction
Comedia Comedy
Dibujos animados Cartoons
Drama Drama
Fantasía Fantasy
Musicales Musicals
Suspense Suspense
Terror Horror
Películas Films
Series Series
Telenovela Soap Opera

As you can see, if you’re an English speaker, then half of these words are practically the same – ¡esto es pan comido! (this is easy!). We’d recommend looking for something that’s in a genre you already enjoy in your idioma nativo (native language) and go from there. The idea is to start practising listening in Spanish so that when you hear people speaking Spanish to you in the street, you can better understand them!

Leer reseñas – Read reviews

Given the huge choice available, you might get a bit agobiado (overwhelmed) trying to figure out what you want to see. There are always lots of reseñas (reviews) written by people online of all the new films and series, so get looking at some to give you some ideas. Here are some words to help you understand reviews in Spanish.

Español Inglés
Guión (m) Script
Trama (f) Plot
Actores principals Main actors
Personaje (m) Character
Capítulo (m) Episode
Temporada (f) Season
Año de estreno (m) Year of release
Fecha de estreno (f) Release date
Guionista (m) Scriptwriter
Director/a (m/f) Director
Doblado Dubbed
Subtítulos (m pl) Subtitles
Nueva versión (f) Remake
Versión original Original version (i.e. in the original language)

With all that information you get from the reviews, you’re sure to be able to encontrar (find) something that appeals to you! It’s just a case of thinking about your gustos (tastes) and spending some time looking through what’s available.

Tener una conversación sobre tus series favoritas

Once you’ve watched a few capítulos (episodes) or the latest pelí (film), you’ll probably want to go and have a chat about what you’ve seen with your Spanish-speaking friends. Here are some more useful phrases you’ll need to get the conversation started.

Español Inglés
¿Has visto el último capítulo de….? Have you seen the latest episode of…?
¡A mi me encanta! I love it!
Es un tostón It’s terrible
Es increíble/impresionante It’s incredible/amazing
¿Qué piensas de la película…? What do you think about the film…?
¡No lo he visto todavía! I’ve not seen it yet!
¡No me lo digas! Don’t tell me! (e.g. what happens)
Estoy enganchado/a I’m hooked

It’s always a good idea to practise speaking Spanish by getting out and talking to people about things you enjoy as you’ll be more motivated to make yourself understood. Watching series and films gives you hours of conversation material, and your listening skills will improve massively. You’ll learn about the culture of the Spanish-speaking world while having fun at the same time. Why not try finding something new to watch in Spanish and see where it takes you?

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