Don't miss out on the language learning!

When it comes to learning another language, we are all well aware of the advice that is sagely passed down from teachers to students (and we in Hablamos Spanish School are also guilty of this!): “You have to improve your reading by reading books and articles” and “You can improve your listening by watching a series or a movie, listen to podcasts”. Now while all this is good advice, we know that not everyone will do it, will they? Ha ha! So why not try a way to practice all the same skills in one convenient and entertaining pursuit, – Gaming!

Now, there are several pre-conceptions about video games that have persisted since the early 1980s and show no sign of disappearing. “Video games are all violent.” “It is a really expensive hobby.” “None of them really appeal to me.” Some of these complaints can be true but, nowadays there are so many different options out there. From motion control games for fitness and dancing to virtual reality worlds to explore and, it is fair to say, there really is something for everyone and if you don’t try it, you might be missing out, both on the fun and the language learning!

Learn Spanish playing games

The benefits of playing games in another language are numerous. It introduces you to a world of new vocabulary which is repeated over and over. Dialogue is often just a button press away to be repeated until you understand exactly what you need to be doing and where you are meant to be going. Immersing yourself in a whole new world, using a whole new language will not only teach but reinforce things you learn. On top of that, you can add or remove subtitles and change the language from a pause menu to your native language if you struggle to understand exactly what is being asked. You are listening to different voices and accents all the time and unlike in a movie interacting with the NPCs (non-playable characters) not only listening to them and nowadays Spanish is one of the main languages that will always be available to choose.

In terms of price, there has never been a better time to get involved in gaming. From games you can play on your phone or your current laptop, to dedicated gaming hardware like a PlayStation or Switch, there are lots of ways to play. Many mobile games are free (albeit with irritating micro transactions) and range from simple puzzle games to fully-fledged open worlds. Also in a world of second-hand shops and online selling, you can find a bargain wherever you look.

Benefits of gaming in Spanish

Another benefit of gaming over traditional media is the social element. Not only can you invite friends over for a friendly round of Switch sports but you are also able to connect to millions of people online and all over the world at any time of the day. Voice chat and local lobbies mean you can talk with people in your chosen language whenever you want. Sure, there are the odd trolls out there and more than a few angry kids playing games but don’t let that put you off what has become one of the world’s most popular hobbies and the largest industry.

So what are you waiting for? Why not jump in now and add a new way of learning your language that is more interactive, social and fun than nearly all the other options out there. Find a game partner in a Spanish-speaking country and start communicating!

Here in Hablamos Spanish School, we are always on the lookout to recommend new ways for our students to practise their Spanish in a more life-like realistic way.