Hablamos, Centro Examinador Oficial SIELE - Hablamos, SIELE Official Examination Centre

SIELE is, among all the Spanish exams, one of the most useful and demanded. Within 3 weeks, you can obtain an official certificate that establishes your level of Spanish. SIELE is an internationally recognised exam, and is increasingly in demand by universities, companies and public bodies. This certificate is obtained by taking an exam in one of the authorised official centres.

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At Hablamos, we help you pass the SIELE Exam

With classes focused on successfully preparing for this exam, you will constantly be practising the different parts of this test and the best tactics to pass it. Choose from private lessons in person or online or studying in mini-groups of up to 4 people. Once you are ready to take the exam, you will be able to do so @Hablamos as we are an Official SIELE Examination Centre.

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En Hablamos te ayudamos a aprobar el examen SIELE

Con clases enfocadas a preparar con éxito este examen, practicarás constantemente las diferentes partes de esta prueba y las mejores tácticas para superarla. Elige entre clases particulares presenciales u online o estudiar en minigrupos de hasta 4 personas. Una vez estés preparado para presentarte al examen, podrás hacerlo en Hablamos ya que somos Centro Examinador Oficial SIELE.

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